Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 1799: An unusual refusal.

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An unusual refusal.


WonderWoman texted & called inviting me to lunch!
Now if you know me at all, you know ...
I drop everything, anytime for a family request.
But, I already had an important appointment.
You see, I looked like this, (not as cute, but) hair-do-wise.

I told WW I would have to pass, unless we could meet after?
When I would look like this, (not as cute, but) hair-do-wise.

Thanks to Julie, I can now see out. 
Much safer for driving.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Costa Mesa Dojo Demo Team at O.C. Fair 1990?
Roy Center, Jerry Short, Karo Makserejyan, Rick Anderton, Steven Van Wormer, Billy Vlahakis
Devon Johnson, Jared Stanton, Harry Makserejyan, David Spenser, Cathy Lenzi, Tess Bernstein, Carolyn Shettler, Brendan Flannery, Liliana Valencia, Cheyenne Lopez, Danielle Anderton, Kasey & Tayler Hobberlin, Kelly Harada, Jake Spielberger, Jordan Lawson & more,

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 1798: Gold shoes and a dare.

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It's story time, a current one, but you need to know the past.

WonderWoman & Kerry went to elementary, 
junior high & high school together.
Living just 2 blocks apart they were bff's & still are.
They married the same summer, even
sharing bridesmaid dresses for both weddings.
A few years later they were both pregnant at the same time.
I have a pic of them both pregnant, but they would kill me.

Sedona, Jake, Jordan, Zack, Kylie & Delaney

Kerry had 3 girls, WW had 3 boys, same ages.

Jordan, Kylie, Delaney, Zack, Sedona & Jake

They have all grown up together, living nearby. 
Kerry & WW are honorary aunt/moms to each others kids. 
But this story is about Sedona, Kerry's middle daughter.

Sedona & WW, both being feisty, bonded in a special way.
WW dared Sedona to stand out at her graduation.

Sedona, Delaney, Kylie & WW on the way to graduation.

WW bought & dared Sedona to wear these shoes ...

for her graduation, and she did it!

The shoes were featured in the OC Register (above).
Sedona won the challenge ...
and a pair of designer shoes from WW.

Kylie, Sedona, WW & Delaney

So many memories. 

Kerry, Sedona & WW

And another great one to add.

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Day 1797: A forever home, at last!

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A year to the day after we were forced from our honbu dojo...


and moved into a temporary dojo,

 now we start classes in our new forever dojo.

(top) front, (lower) back view. 848 N. Parton Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Today was the first class in this new home & we are happy!

If we look hot & tired, we were, but happy.

Having just moved in, there's still more work to do ...
figuring out what goes where. But, we are home.

I asked Demura sensei to smile, and he did, sort of, (top)
so I mentioned Mei, and then the big smile! 

More information mentioned earlier here.
Important to mention the many who volunteered, 
worked, spent their time to make this new home possible.
• First and most important, Demura sensei 
who wanted a permanent home for his students.
Daryoush Shahidzadeh who scoured Santa Ana properties
to find a potential "honbu dojo" that met Demura sensei's list.
• Bob Cherone, Remodeling Contractor at Primoremodel
who donated countless hours rebuilding our new dojo.
• Dave Hines, Industrial Designer, Product Development
for his stellar design expertise & renderings.
• And an army of dojo volunteers, too many to name all,
please forgive any omissions. 

new tatami warriors, Jess, Bill, Dave & Sean
Bob Cherone, Jess Seiffert, Bill Bessert, Roy Center,
Daryoush Shahidzadeh, Jesse Cemme, Michael Keating, 
Michael Cavanaugh, Robert Vasquez, Javier Toledo
Jared Stanton, Tina Forsythe,  Sean Demura, Juan Moreno

Some of the warriors! Jared, Tina, Sean, Bob, Jess, Bill, photo taken by Robert

On behalf of all of us ... Arigatou gozaimasu.

91 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

First class in our forever dojo!

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 1796: Missed a picnic, went to a party!

My place, Chung King, Hong Kong, photo

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My calendar isn't often so busy as to have multiple events.
But I asked Demura sensei if I might miss our karate picnic
this year as I had attended almost all before. He said yes.

photo by Robert Tjan

It's our annual fun event at beautiful Irvine Park.

photo by Mei Okumura

I missed out there, but I did get to go to a another special party!

Three generations of the Nomura family met at the
Golden Dragon for a surprise birthday lunch for 
the family matriarch, June Nomura. My hero.

June & favorite son-in-law, Mark

And afterwards on to Grandma's house ...

the photo (r) from their 60th anniversary

Greatly missed, Grandpa Tom Nomura,
still in our hearts and thoughts at every gathering.
His obi framed on the wall.

Time for cake!

And what a great cake. Thanks Lori!

And a musical moving candle! Wow!

Happy Birthday June Nomura!

A smile for Monday ...