Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 1676:How about a story?

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Today ...

How about a Demura Sensei story?

Maybe my favorite ...
when Demura Sensei first came to the US, mid 60's
with Mr. Dan Ivan ... he spoke little English. 
He taught at the old Santa Ana dojo on Flower Street.
Some of the guys took him to Knott's Berry Farm.

A ride on the Ghost Town & Calico Railroad was 
meant to give passengers a taste of the Old West.
Demura Sensei had seen westerns only on tv in Japan.
So when the robbers came through the train ...

the story goes, Sensei saved the train.

And we all know he could do it.

Great story?

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Greaconstance rose : art and life: Creativity and Aging

Great post Connie, thanks so much for sharing.

Day 1675: Random shots and a brag?

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Friday was a very busy pre - tournament day ... 

Mochitzuki (rice pounding) 7 - noon

Kobudo (weapons) testing   8 - 9:30 AM
Batto (cutting)testing  10 -11:30 AM
Dan ( black belt levels) testing 12 - 3PM

I only got pictures of a few of the people  ...

Testing for Shodan, (left-right) Germany, China*, Canada

Higher dan testing, Canada

Some of our dan test judges, (l-r) Kansas, Canada, Minnesota & Canada

behind the scenes

Some don't like their photo being taken, but I do it anyway.

But some after a hard test, don't mind at all. 

This was followed by referee training 4 - 6 PM
and Tournament charting 7:30 - done.

 Information & directions here,

And, I didn't get to go, but got photos of ...

Varsity Basketball Team Awards Dinner ...

these guys have spent so much time together, they are a family.

I've been lucky to go to most home games & love this team!

Grandhunk #2  was a team co-captain ...
 and was presented the Coaches Award.

cool guys /    GH# 2 & 3 with Nate Klitzing

A grandma ...


has to brag a little, right?

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, February 24, 2017

Day 1674: What would you grab if your house was on fire?

obi, close up i photo

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This may seem strange, but one thing I would grab ...
when leaving "my house on fire" is ...

this sweet little bag that holds something so dear to me ...

my first black belt, earned in November 1979, 
seven years after starting,
proof that truly anyone can get there in time.

It was worn near daily for years & years,
and was retired to this special bag ...
when it was too frail to go on.

 Demura Sensei said, if I "were stronger  
it would have broken a long time ago."
Our Sensei is so wise & patient.

I have been asked why 
I roll my belt 
in between wearing? 

It's just a personal choice, intended 
to represent my training to continue
on & on, rather than linear, back & forth.
It seems to have worked for me,
45 years and counting.

This Saturday & Sunday Demura Sensei's 
46th Annual International Goodwill Tournament
Further information/directions here.

A smile for Friday ...