Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 1522: To prove undying love, or maybe just to show you've been there?

"NY2", collage & ink

If you read yesterday's blog here
you may have had a question?
Norma did. Norma said: 

"Enjoyed the wonderful photos of the bridge.  

Don't keep us in suspense, why all those locks on the bridge?"

I responded: Ohhh, yeah! 
A Brooklyn Bridge tradition. 
Seems that for years lovers on a date would bring a padlock and 
lock it onto the bridge side rails to signify their undying love ...
then throw the key into the river. There are thousands!
(I wish I had taken more & better photos, but we ...
 were walking & WW was running defense out in front).
Some used combination locks and I wondered if 
that was in case it didn't work out or they changed heir mind? 

In recent years people have started tying their earphones and
the red ones given on the double-Decker Big Bus.
A growing number of those too. 
There are some artist vendors along the bridge path, and  ...
there was one man on the bridge selling a variety of locks!
Business 101: find a need & fill it!

* More of the NYC trip & day 4 & 5 photos soon ...
(TMI review: day 1+ here, day 2 here & day 3 here)
I thought you might be ready for a shorter post, a break?
I'll resume INY on Tuesday!

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 1521: I♥NY Day 3, Oh My!

"savings", collage & china marker

To begin, I thank you for your patience as I re-trace 
what & how we did all this amazing stuff in 5 days.

Day 3 of this great "mother-daughter trip" started early.
We caught a cab to Brooklyn &  Zucker's Deli ...

we picked up food & met up with our reserved walking tour ...

over the 1.3 mile Brooklyn Bridge.

 A wonderful way to see the Bridge and NYC.

Awe inspiring from every angle.

Grad student tour guide, Dahlia was knowledgeable, fun
and explained the many locks attached to the bridge.


A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge puts you in the heart of Dumbo
(Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)

the former manufacturing district now with art studios, 
technology companies & luxury residences, French bakery, 
edgy independent bookstore & designer boutiques.

During our walk, we saw a model doing a A&F ad photo shoot,

a Japanese couple's wedding photo shoot,  graffiti & more.

Time to catch the East River Ferry back to Manhattan ...

once back in Manhattan, more walking & a snack.

The girls had bought tickets for Chicago on Broadway!

I had loved the movie, but this was amazing! Even better.

A stellar cast, wonderful seats & a fabulous night at the theater.

Then a late dinner at the famous Junior's off Times Square.
Carole & I shared a divine Reuben, no room for cheesecake!

We walked through Times Square well after midnight ...

enjoying the sights on our long walk back to the hotel.
Ending a long but terrific day 3.

And did I mention ...

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, September 23, 2016

Day 1520: "I♥NY" best trip ever ...

"courage", collage

Forewarning: more NYC trip. I hope not, but it may be TMI?
Jumping in on Day 2 mid day ... (where I left off here)
after the great lunch at Battery Gardens Restaurant
with a complimentary dessert  ...

we walked on to the 911Memorial Museum.
Past many, many buildings and then, all of sudden ...

the One World Observatory & the famed Fire Station #349.

And the breathtakingly emotional 911 Ponds.

Designed by Architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker

I wasn't prepared for the tremendous impact!

Feeling a bit emotionally weary, we eventually walked on. 
Noticing the tall surrounding buildings that have that daily view.

The daughters, seeing this Mom was slowing, 
hailed a cab to mid-town where we caught the blue bus.

The blue line does the uptown loop,

and in the process, we saw all kinds of architecture.

Grant's Tomb

Harlem & the Apollo Theater

The Guggenheim Museum

The perimeter of the 843 acre Central Park ...

With 5PM Thursday rush hour traffic ...
we could see pricey condos facing Central Park,
art lovers waiting at the Met, and on our right ...

the glorious Central Park!

A walk back to the hotel to get ready, 
reservations for dinner at ...

After a leisurely dinner and a celebration for 
Daughter 2's birthday, we walked to Rockefeller Center

for a little window shopping while waiting for 
our reservation for "Top of the Rock"!

Where we did the tourist-y photo op ...

and loved the views ...

70 floors up with ...


 a 360 degree view of all of NYC. 


A spectacular end to day 2!

Did I mention the NYC weather?
Mid 70's during the day, no humidity ...
which made the marathon walking doable.
Couldn't have asked for better weather ...
on the best trip ever!

Katha, Jeanne, Nancy & Donna

Happy Birthday Cousin Nancy!

A smile for Friday ...