Sunday, August 28, 2016

Day 1494: There is no doubt an equation ...

"monkey brain", junk mail collage, gesso & acrylic

The lovebirds are busy.
I should say they have a busy schedule.
But they "eeked-out" a one night get away to Palm Springs ...
so I am at the big house for 24 hours.

Just the two Grandhunks (maybe more), Laker & me.
I am still moving in slower motion from the big day Thursday
There is no doubt an equation that explains ...
why it takes me longer to recover?
But, probably just as well that I don't know?

. . . 

Have a wonderful weekend!
I would love to hear what's going on where you are?

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 1493: Experimental play!

"glasses", collage, gesso & acrylic on canvas

By the 4th & last day of the ...

we had worked on small canvases & a large canvas.

by Ann (aka Raquel Welsh)

 Everybody knows each other and 

by Carrol

enjoys seeing their work  ...

by Rose

and the changes ... 

by T.J.

 and work in progress ...

by Connie

evolving over the four weeks.

by Leisda

by Carrol

by Katharine

Freeing up and ...

by Sarina
having fun.

by Ann

Using acrylics, glazes, stencils ...

by Sarina

a wide variety of papers ...

a wide variety of papers ...

by Connie

it was really mixed media.

by Ann

by Katharine

by Sarina

by Rose

Fun to have time to play.

And, just in case ...  you're near and free in September?

Thursdays September 8, 21, 28, & October 6, 2016 -- 10:00AM to 1:00PM
During this playful class make two small mini journals or one larger journal. Artist Jacki Long will demonstrate different techniques each class including collage, mixed media, adding fold outs, and cutting out inside the journal.
REGISTRATION: $160 for the series -or- $45 per class.
Limited seats are available for these classes, so sign up today!

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Day 1492: Everybody loves a love story, right?

"baby's breath", photo & digital

Everybody loves a love story, right?
Well here's one.
Maybe a little TMI, but I'm going for it anyway.

dating, the young SM & WW, 1992

In 1994 the handsome, self-confident young Superman asked
the 20 year WonderWoman's Dad and I for permission to marry.
We really liked him for that, brownie points, big time!
He planned to ask her on her 21st birthday at Las Brisas, in Laguna.
He not only invited his parents & us, but my Dad, WW's Grandpa.
Multiple accumulating brownie points.

3-16-1994, Las Brisas, Laguna Beach, CA

We were all present at the elegant & crowded restaurant.
He had planned to ask her before dessert, but was so nervous ...
 he changed plans & got down on one knee early,
in front of the entire room and proposed his love.
The restaurant stopped, waiters froze, only his voice.
We cried, even nearby tables had tears, 
followed by applause from everyone. 
It was perfect.

So they were engaged & married twenty-one years ago today.

8-26-1995, Saint Norbert Church, Orange, CA

And in the next few years ...lots of action!
Sparing you the adorable baby pictures etc, and on to ...

and ...

and now with guys almost 16, 17 & nearly 20 ...

(they've grown taller since then!)

the guys grew from little to tall!

Big events & small ...

so blessed to be together.
Happy 21st Anniversary WonderWoman & Superman!


A smile for Friday ...


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 1491: Somebody get me a medal or oxygen!

"local motorists", junk mail collage, acrylics & digital

A busy week this week, some are like that?

Tuesday I taught at Genbu-Kai Costa Mesa Dojo  3 - 9PM.

Instructor Roy Center is on vacation, and I returned 
to where I taught in the past. Same but different. 

Students with great manners & respect.
A lovely facility, surrounded by a large verdant park,
idyllic really. Affordable, accessible. Quiet, no distractions.

I used to teach there from 3 - 10 PM 
every Tuesday & Thursday for 32 years.

 So many memories there.  
The traditions are still in place.

But something sure feels different this morning?
Thursday I will teach the fourth of the art series ...

in a final class at Westminster from 10 - 1 PM ...
then clean up & again teach at Costa Mesa Dojo 3 - 9 PM.
A very big Thursday!
Somebody get me a medal or oxygen! 

For Throwback Thursday ...

WonderWoman, 21 years ago, 8-26-1995

A smile for Thursday ...