Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 1705: Victory Tour

Sadie, acrylic on journal page

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Saturday evening as I emerged from my flu fog ...
I came into my work space to finish blog #1704 here
and to do "Dottie", the cover art, also here.
Since adding blog music I put it on to test the link 
& usually just let in run while I work.
It morphed artists & was on Michael Jackson here ...
when I thought back to 1984 when WW's Dad, Thor, drove us
& the 11 year old WW & Daughter #2 to Dodger Stadium.
I have a picture of WW & D2 in braces & smiling all the way,
but they are both stronger than me & would kill me if I used it.
I wonder if they remember our VW bus pulling up 
to the stadium in between lines of shiny limousines?

We were there to see
MICHAEL JACKSON & the Victory Tour.

Backstory: the tickets were offered through a lottery system.
$56 mail order each, mailed with the newspaper coupon, 
and then wait to be selected. No guarantee.
For once in my life I jumped on it! 
We bought, mailed & waited.
We were selected ... 4 tickets, 3rd row center!

So close, we knew we were really lucky.
We could see Diana Ross off stage & other celebrities.

So tonight, all of a sudden listening to MJ song after song, 
I was transported back to that magical night.
Isn't it funny what music can do?

Sunday, first day up after the flu bug battle ...

I did make it to the 2nd day of the 2 day class & I have
66 photos ready to process for Tuesday's Day#1706 blog.
Hope you'll stop by then?
Hey, how was your weekend?

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Day 1704: 3 crackers and Fixer-Upper

dottie, ink, watercolor & collage postcard

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A (TMI?) update:

This flu bug surely dampened my plans.
I missed the first day of a very expensive, pre-paid
non-refundable art workshop with 2 famous instructors. 
Instead, the highlight of my day was ...
3 crackers and watching Fixer Upper!
After 10 hours of no food, crackers were manna from heaven.
To be honest I was even immune to the myriad of 
non-stop food commercials, I wish I'd counted them?

And so,  I am here to offer a practical flu remedy.

Crackers, 3 for me, seemed the magic number &

watching the HGTV show, "Fixer Upper".
I never tire of these two and their creativity, family &

humor, above all, humor!
And, a good thing too since I watched so many, in between naps.
Funny to watch one house and wake up with another?
I am planning on attending my 2nd day of the workshop Sunday.
What's going on with you?
I really want to know, whatcha' doin out there?

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day 1703: Running on empty.

moody, ink, watercolor & collage postcard

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"Running on empty", shortest blog post ever ...

2nd day of all the flu stuff, 
and, yes I had a flu shot in October.
So ...

See ya tomorrow.

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, March 24, 2017

Day 1702: 3 Susans, Michelle, Lisa & me ...

sweet longneck, acrylic on canvas

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A small group today for this two day class ...

I never know who or how many.
A big canvas (30 x 40") is a bit scary for some, 
so 6 "bravehearts" showed up for 3 hours.
We added gesso to our canvas, and while it was drying ...

we made sheets & sheets of ...

tissue collage papers ...

designs, asemic writing, anything ...

all to be be torn or cut up later & used within our painting,

... along with lots of yummy papers.

(the longneck sisters)

I did a quick demo. I had never tried 3 figures ...

 and since I was encouraging this class ...

to be bold, experiment & play, I did.

 Susan decided on a family portrait.

A different Susan worked on a landscape.

Still a third Susan worked toward an abstract landscape.

Lisa also chose a landscape. 

Michelle worked on a portrait.

All of us are still working  ...

& experimenting.

works in progress ...

Can you tell we had fun?
We have a week till our next 3 hours together.
Time to let it breathe and decide what's next.
Updates & more next week.

A smile for Friday ...