Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Day 1944: WW planned hike around the reservoir ...

Amelia: old photo, collage & digital

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Are you ready for Thanksgiving?
I am not quite, but I have two days, right?
I received this postcard from artist/friend Mitzi ...

And at the Grandhunk's request, I will be making a 
triple batch of "peach crap" (story here) ...

and taking it & 2 gallons of ice cream ...
to Superman & WonderWoman's home.
Sharing with 3 Grandhunks, 1 Grandcutie & family.
We will total "17" I heard.
WW planned a hike around the reservoir after the meal.

Wishing you happy pre-Thanksgiving days to you.
May they be calm, fun & better organized than mine.

79 degrees, mostly sunny, Santa Ana, CA

* a special day, Jim Eyre taught class. Demura sensei 
watched us working on kata bunkai, and came in and 
taught us bo bunkai for 4 kata! So cool!

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, November 20, 2017

Day 1943: Annual awards banquet!

"Mom & Kid": drawing, collage & digital on 16x20" canvas

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Genbu Kai's Annual Awards Banquet 2017
always a special night.

Angelo & Vinci's, Fullerton, CA

Always before Thanksgiving & the holiday rush,

but in keeping with our thanks for Demura Sensei,

our Genbu-Kai organization, families & friends gather.

We have a glue that binds us, even when we are apart.

Our MC for the evening was Dan McGaugh (below left)

Dan McGeough & Leo Nakamura

 who is both professional & wonderful, orchestrated the event.
 Leo & Susan Nakamura ...

magically organized & decorated the event.

Demura Sensei made gifts.
Yudansha donated gifts for the raffle.

Senpai Dwight Lomanyesva, Demura Sensei's most senior student, left & Jerry Short

So raffle tickets were popular!

We are a big happy dressed up family!

Thank you Demura Sensei ...
for your inspiration, guidance, knowledge & patience.
We treasure & celebrate you.

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Day 1942: A holiday bazaar ...

"Herstory": drawing, collage & digital

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A save the date?

My boss at CATALYST, Rebecca ...


asked me for photos of what I would be selling at this sale.

I will be trying to bring art in all price ranges.

So ...  Print cards ...


Hand collaged flip-books ...

Mini- journals ...

Handmade collage cards ...
* framable handmade collages on Fabriano cards & envelopes

Handmade postcards ...

Canvases ...

And a few sketches & other things that aren't nailed down! 


Should be a fun four hours?
Come visit if you're near and free?
And, thanks for visiting this little daily blog,
I love reading your comments when you have time.

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Day 1941: Got lucky, again!

Franz: collage, old drawing & digital

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I taught Karate for 33 years.
It wasn't a well paying job, but it did have great benefits.
Two of those benefits asked me join them,
and their families for dinner Thursday evening at ...

Benefits being students who became family.
Roberto & wife, Dawn were in from Colorado.
Brandon, Courtney, Noelle & Nova have all stayed in touch.
And, Roberto's parents, Roberto Sr. & Edilia.
Both families had been coming to this restaurant forever.

As is my new custom, I passed around my i-phone for selfies.

Which can turn out scary? 
They are after all still just big kids!

Roberto & Brandon

Dawn & Nova

Courtney & Noelle

Edilia & Roberto Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Torres Sr., contenders for world best parents ...
were celebrating their 41st anniversary. 

So wonderful to join these families in a great evening!

Several times during the evening, I found myself 
remembering both students from over the years ...

Columbus, Ohio, Roberto, front right

So lucky!

A smile for Saturday ...